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My name is George Paliani
I have been working as a business consultant for 12 years now. I help projects grow, attract investment, increase sales, and conduct effective marketing and PR campaigns.
My experience is a unique combination of skills in working with IT projects, crypto projects, traditional businesses, and government agencies.
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But now I represent my personal brand, because I believe that a personal brand is a personal responsibility, and this is exactly what modern business needs.
Welcome to Paliani Business Consulting!
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This package is suitable for projects that need rapid sales growth and scaling.
My team and I will conduct a thorough analysis of your business and develop a growth strategy based on sales, marketing, partnership, and product departments. The second stage is implementation of this plan before the first results are achieved.
If you need to scale profits and sales
Me and my team will review your startup idea and develop a business plan based on clear ways of monetizations.
We will also develop a full package of documents for fundraising that are One Pager, Pitch Deck, Financial projections, and Tokenomics if you have a crypto startup.
If you need to turn
a startup into a business
This package is suitable for startups with limited marketing budgets and for a working business that wants an effective marketing campaign.
Me and my team will develop and implement a growth hacking strategy to help you acquire and retain as many customers as possible.
If you need effective marketing with a limited budget
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This package is suitable for all types of businesses and startups that have a business plan and clear understanding of the monetization way.
In this case I will join your team and present your business to private investors, funds, my personal base of business angels, and my base of investors on Linkedin. I could guarantee that some of the 5000+ funds of this database will be invested in your project.
If you need to attract investment
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This package will be useful if your business faces a new issue and you need some expert advice.
In this case I will join your team to analyze a problem and help with the solution of it.
If you need
an expert advice
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Why choose Paliani Business Consulting
Global market
I speak 6 languages and have my own networking base of investors, agencies, and top influencers all over the world that allows me to work with all countries in the world.
Personal brand
I have been working in the market for a long time  and I value my reputation, so I choose only a personal brand and only high quality services.
Cost optimization
I'm an entrepreneur just like you, and I understand how important it is to spend money wisely. That's why I don't run an Agency, but I put together the necessary team for each individual project, which allows you not to overpay.
Measurable result
I only work according to the agreed KPIs, which allows you to track and see the result.
Personal contact database
For 12 years of working in the market, I have collected a database of top experts, investors and the best professionals in my field. I will be happy to share this with you.
We can start working within two days after signing the contract.
Smart Valley
100 hot leads of clients
$ 2000000
Asian investment fund
American investment fund
100 hot leads of investors
$500000 of investments were raised via Linkedin
Revenue has tripled in six months
1000 new clients
$100000 deposits
Olga Duka
CEO Zeus.Exchange
George has a unique combination of knowledge in spheres of diplomatic relations, development of the international business and search of investments. Thanks to this quality, he finds uniquem and sometimes unexpected solutions for promotion and search of financing for the project, which needs to enter the international market in accordance with the modern requirements.
Vagan Abelyan
COO & Co-Founder a Jincor
Imagine the person who speaks six European languages and has managerial experience in several projects at the same time. I still remember one of our conferences in Stockholm in detail. George welcomed an audience by quoting the Swedish poetry, then during his speech he shared several jokes with Eric Benz in English at the same time, after that he answered several questions of the foreign journalist in Spanish, following this he led negotiation with the partner from Georgia in Georgian language and finally he introduced our company in German language during the dinner with Austrians — and all this happened in one day! At the same time, he managed to be constantly on line with our office in Russia. He demonstrates amazing energy and a striking set of skills!
Digital Asset Management/OTC Brokeerage at Puzzle.capital
George is not only an expert in the field of international relations, but also he is a professional representative of a company in the market. Thanks to his services, we managed to create a unique image of the Puzzle Capital Company and to increase brand recognition in Europe and the USA.
Blockchain Solutions Forum
Aurora Blockchain Capital
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