The Main Topics of Vitalik Buterin on Ethereum SuperMeetup – TOKEN2049

There were many blockchain conferences and events in Hong Kong in March 2019 such as Asian Crypto Week, Hong Kong Blockchain Week and others. However, the main event for Ethereum enthusiasts was the Ethereum SuperMeetup - TOKEN2049. We highlighted the key moments of the event.
The main bomb news of the TOKEN2049 was participation of Vitalik Buterin. Organizators persuaded him to become a speaker of the Ethereum Meetup. The main section of the event was dedicated to his speech. Vitalik explained his vision of the Ethereum future and reported on the current project developments.
What Is the SuperMeetup?
It is the most notable event for the Ethereum community which has been conducted 9 times. During the meetings participants discuss platform's perspectives and new projects on Ethereum.

Ethereum SuperMeetup's Key Moments
Vitalik started with a 20 minute-long speech about a process of development of the Ethereum 2.0 (aka Serenity) . Afterwards, he told the audience about the blockchain and usage of Ethereum. Below we have gathered the core statements of his presentation:

ETH 2.0 and the current version of the platform are under development
According to Vitalik ETH 2.0 is under development for several years and it is going to be ready soon. In the final version of the platform we are going to see three new features:

  • Stage 0: A proof of stake consensus algorithm - development is almost finished;
  • Stage 1: Sharding - still under development;
  • Stage 2: Compensation of contracts - the team has just began the development.
The stage 1 was announced a long time ago, however, it is still under development as the team struggled to deal with technical issues arising for sharding in p2p networks.

Closing the ETH 2.0 topic Vitalik said that the current state of the platform is representing a set of solutions that can only work in the short-term. Alongside he has underlined an importance of the Ethereum 1.x blockchain for the whole platform improvement. All the features that are planned to be included to the second version of the platform are going to be tested on the ETH 1.x.

Blockchain Layer 2
Vitalik has also disclosed his thoughts on the layer 2 as a solution for scaling issues. As an example he mentioned solutions which are already in place - Loom Network, Plasma, Raiden. These modules have proven their efficiency for Ethereum, however, there is still much work to do.

It Is Hard to Attract Investments for Non-Financial dApps, Though They Work Better for Mass Market Adoption
Vitalik also told that he is inspired by the amount of dApps that are currently under development on the Ethereum platform.
As an example he talked about DeFi - a community that is developing primitive, but truly decentralized financial network. He also mentioned MakerDAO - a project that develops stable coin (stable coins were also discussed on the Hong Kong Blockchain Week - you can read about it in our article), which won't have ups and downs like the current cryptocurrencies. Dai Stablecon is bounded to US dollar so its price is more stable, however, it still remains to be a decentralized currency.

No matter whether your idea is related to offering financial or non-financial service, it is still crucial to be able convince investors and clients in its value. You can learn how to present your project or you can hire an experienced professional who can do it instead of you.
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