Smart Investing Tools for Smart Crypto Investors
Cryptoinvesting is much more demanding that investing in classic securities. As cryptoinvestors you need to deal with outrageous volatile assets and in order to keep your balance safe (especially when trading with leverage) you need to be able to create orders and track price changes instantly.
Moreover, when it comes to long-term investments for the project that has launched ICO/IEO/STO you need to be very careful checking company's profile and compliance as there are absent any regulations projects need to follow - thus, the probability to invest in scam rises dramatically.

When it comes to crypto investing there should be a couple of helpful tools. Here is my top modules for today.


Neironix platform is kind of a investor's personal area where he can get a trustworthy scoring for ICO, update on project status, manage investment profile, and analyse outcome from one's trading activity. The reasons platform is worth consideration are advanced algorithms used for ICO scoring and neural network integrated to improve analysis proficiency. For this moment the platform has launched beta-version, however, even now there are helpful functions for investor enabled.

Investment Profile Management

This module allows investor to automate investment profile management and visualize data to analyze trading activity efficiency. Very valuable tool.

ICO Scoring

One of the main project features is ICO scoring. Crypto community is still arguing about the best ICO scoring methods - there is no common approach to forecasting future of project or defining whether is it scam or not. This is a problem as the majority of ICOs launched are stated to be scams and for crypto industry absence of regulations is a problem right now as anybody who has written white paper can launch an ICO now.

Thus, Neironix team has developed and patented algorithms for ICO scoring. Based on these algorithms there is made project rating. The idea is to let investor make initial check of project's credibility using Neironix rating so that one can concentrate on what really matters - project outlook and its ability to win the competition.

The team still works on algorithms improvement.

Cryptocurrency and tokens analysis also allows analyse crypto and token. For example, here is how the Gram card looks like.
Data is displayed on the website and updated online and those who want to analyze price change there is a customizable graph.


The Blockfolio app is a breakthrough due to its user-friendliness. You understand how to use it at the moment you launch it. Platform is available for mobile-only devices, it provides data on current crypto and token prices online as well, however, these are not the main features of this app. Below are the three features which gonna make you love this solution.

Investment Portfolio Management

Here you also can create profiles with different currencies, analyse trading activity results and more. All this is available from your smartphone in a single tap.
However, this is not the main feature yet. Look for it below.

Connect Crypto Exchange Account

Recently Blockfolio has enabled new function that allows you to link to your app profile a crypto exchange account. Thus, the trading activity on your stock exchanges will synchronize in your app and you can monitor your balance and profile status on several exchanges simultaneously.
This function allows you to track your investments from anywhere in a single click and makes this app a must-have for any investor. Especially, if you trade on several crypto exchanges. Now the last but not the least cool feature.


This is got to be the most awesome feature which allows you to get the most important notifications about the projects status and cryptos. Yet, there are only three projects you can get signals from, but soon there are going to do more.
So, you can get updates on the project instantly. You won't have to customize Rss-feed or subscribe on Telegram channel or social networks as Signal module can make a process of getting notified much more comfortable.
This is my choice of the best smart solutions for investors. What apps or services do you use to improve your crypto investing experience?
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